smells good   

I am in Louisville, KY now where truely blue sky and the smell of grass can be soundly felt through all my 5-senses.

5 years and 7 months

This is the period of time which I spent my working days here in Louisville while my job carrer in Japan is also exactly the same time of periods; 5 years and 7 months!

Driving a car here is unexpectedly very comfortable so far, no rush into the wrong side of the road but sometimes the wiper moves under this beautiful weather (no clouds at all).

spending some time where everything is familiar without work is just fun!

I better go now and have lunch at "Vietnam Kitchen" or "Chinese-Vietnam place".....Yummy yummy!!
Note : Since I do not have enough sleep, Kentucky Fried Chicken should be the last place that I can think of as a lunch place! (No oily stuff please)


by nacky0628 | 2005-06-07 00:31 | つれづれ

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