Wedding Party in .....   

the temperature out here is 29 degree at 20 oclock in the evening.
the air is quite dry and the sun shine is very sgtrong....

too much wine with delicious pasta and pizza drive me nuts...

>> Gucci, you should have come and joined us!!

Pictures are awsome which will be posted shortly...but can not catch everything by the always.

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Commented by ぐっち at 2007-07-08 13:08 x
イタメシ食ってんね。そしてワインですか!!いやぁー本当に行きたかったなぁ~ カワイイ娘にも出会えたかもしんないしねぇ~ でも月頭は厳しいよ。
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by nacky0628 | 2007-07-06 20:14 | つれづれ

<< あぁ..~っという間のイタリア... かめつー(みなさんありがとう) >>